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HIGHLIGHT is “Calling You” in new music video

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HIGHLIGHT is back already with the repackaged version of their first mini album!  “Calling You” is a sweet sounding song that has more of a melancholic feel than their original title track, “Plz Don’t Be Sad”.

The song has a sweet, almost melodic quality, that just keeps repeating throughout, but never gets old.  One of the things that helps that is the fact that each member get their time to shine, both in lyrics and in the video.  Between each segment, a new member shows off their individual skills, and that’s something rather inspiring to see.  The group dynamics and the way they work together and stick together comes out, especially in songs like this.

I’m not going to lie, I want that Highlight jacket. If they put that up in a store, I think I’d be fighting to get one.

Overall, this is an amazing video. It’s simple, yet not at the same time.  Because of the mini stories going on around the focus member, it’s hard to catch all the little nuances or things.  There’s a lot of references to lyrics in the props too.

Check out Highlight’s comeback below!



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