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Highlight releases focus cam of “Plz Don’t Be Sad” featuring Junhyung

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Highlight and Around Us Entertainment are back with another treat for fans.  This time around, we’re getting the focus cam of Junhyung (준형).  It’s even easier in this focus version to see his smirk when he dances.  You can tell when he does something he enjoys!

Can we also take a moment to appreciate his shoes. They’re so random, but I absolutely love them, even paired with the shorts and robe.  This video really emphasizes the fact that the boys move all over the place in this dance.  He jumps back and forth between sides, and you can see him pausing to catch his break around the 2:40 mark!

Highlight has already released a video with a focus on Doojoon, so if you haven’t seen that, be sure to check it out!



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  1. NEPTUNE April 14, 2017

    These focus cams are like a eye feast to us fans..enjoyed watching highlight members focus cams:)

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