Highlight reveals all in “Ask in a Box”


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It doesn’t matter what name these boys perform under, fans love them for them, not their name.  That’s been proven since the former Beast members did their first releases under their new label and name!  The boys of Highlight are doing wonderfully with “Plz Don’t Be Sad” and “It’s Still Beautiful”.  Both videos have already hit around the 1 million view range on their YouTube channel.

The group has stuck together through so much, it’s no wonder they’re so close.  That can definitely be seen as they torment each other in this episode of ‘Ask in a Box’.

First thing, they address the magic blanket – a lovely memory of a blanket that they had for around 5 years and used for everything!  The scary part is that it was only washed 3 times.  I certainly hope that was on the low end of estimating.

Then they talk about the fanclub name!  They’re currently taking suggestions for what to name their fanclub, since they haven’t decided on anything yet.  Heart was one of the suggestions, as well as, Highlight Fan Club.  The latter just doesn’t quite have a great ring to it.

Check out the rest of their question and answer session in the video below!

If you missed their dance practice or music videos for”Plz Don’t Be Sad” and “It’s Still Beautiful“, be sure to check them out!