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HOLLAND Gives Fans A New Anthem In His “I’m Not Afraid” Music Video

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HOLLAND is back with his second single after releasing ‘Neverland’ in January, officially becoming the first openly gay K-Pop idol!

‘I’m Not Afraid’ dropped on July 5th, and the singer gives fans an amazing message in the lyrics, as well as an outstanding music video.

We open with HOLLAND waking up in bed. He looks outside and sees his friends approaching his house with party gear. The following footage is absolutely heartwarming; HOLLAND and crew laugh as they decorate the house and take pictures together. The video turns into a montage of photographs at certain points, highlighting the good time everyone is having spending together.

Day turns to night and the party is in full swing. Couples and people of all different kinds are represented in the crowd and the diversity is absolutely breathtaking. The entire atmosphere is one of contentment and love you can physically feel as you watch.

The music video ends with HOLLAND waking up in the grass. The phrase “On the second moon” displays before the video cuts off.

The lyrics themselves have a unique and necessary message to them. HOLLAND expresses how the fear he used to feel, and the pain he used to carry, is gone. It has a kind of, “let go, live your life, experience love” feel. The techno song is incredibly pleasant to listen to, with a beat you wanna blast from your speakers. The chorus, “I’m not, not afraid anymore” should be shouted from the rooftops.

HOLLAND continues to break down walls with each and every song he releases. He is an incredible role model and a fighter for the LGBTQ+ community both in and out of Korea. We here at OSKP wish him the utmost success. Keep doing what you’re doing, HOLLAND!

Stream his single here and here, and be sure to check out the video below!

Holland Im Not Afraid MV


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