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HONEYST announce their 2nd Single Album “I Want To Day”

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Honeyst (허니스트) is releasing their 2nd Single Album “I Want To Day” [연애하고싶은데요] after debuting on the 17th of May!

This young band is under FNC Entertainment, the company that has contributed to creating other Korean bands, such as FTISLAND,CNBLUE and N.Flying. This group of four boys (Seo Dong Sung, Kim Chul Min, Oh Seung Seok and Kim Hwan) has a sweeter image and sound, making them unique.

Did you know them already? Maybe they at least ring a bell since they participated on the reality show D.O.B. (Dance Or Band). Mnet program where SF9 was decided to debut instead.

Comeback Schedule

Anyway, if you did not know them you can take the chance with this comeback! The schedule is the following “post delivery notice”:

2017.11.14 12PM KST : Title Poster

2017.11.15 12PM KST : Jacket Photo

2017.11.16 12PM KST: Highlight Medley

2017.11.17 6PM KST : M/V Teaser 1

2017.11.20 6PM KST : M/V Teaser 2

2017.11.22 6PM KST : Music (Online) & MV

2017.11.24 : Music (physical album)

Jacket Photos

As you can see, they have winter clothes with light tones overall, the pictures also have a lot of lighting. I get a feeling of warmth, don’t you?

Highlight Medley

The fact that the highlight medley has an acoustic version shows they know how to showcase the amount of talent they got. The title track, written by Kim Chulmin, is a love song that talks about the fluttering feelings of falling in love.

Tracklist is as follows:

1. (Title) 연애하고싶은데요

Composed & Lyrics: Kim Chulmin

Arranged: Shin Seungik

2. Tik Tok

Composed: Jung Jinwook, Kim Hwan

Lyrics: Jung Jinwook, Kim Hwan, Kim Chulmin

Arranged: Jung Jinwook, Kim Hwan

3. Feel So Good

Composed & Lyrics: Kim Hwan Arranged: Kim Hwan, Jung Jinwook

Album details

MV Teaser #1

Surprisingly, the first person to appear on the video is Gugudan’s Mina (previously member of I.O.I). This has succeeded to draw the attention of many towards these boys. I wonder what kind of story they will tell us with the upcoming MV, the upcoming second teaser might scored more light into it.

Please look forward to this new album from this Honey-like Artists!

Honeyst Second Single

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