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HONEYST Wants “Someone To Love” In Their First Comeback!

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Honeyst Second Single

Honeyst, the rookie FNC band, has released their second single album, “Someone to Love” (연애하고싶은데요).

This album contains three different tracks, among which there is the title track, which has the same name as the album. They have released an official music video that tells the love stories of 3 girls and the 4 members of the group. These girls are Yuju and Bora, who have been revealed to be part of the upcoming girl group of FNC, also, Mina from Gugudan.

The music video may start in a sour way but it definitely gets sweeter by the second. Don’t we all want to find someone to love dearly?I believe that the time bar on the lower part of the screen is a very unique touch, I doubt I have ever seen something like it on a music video.

Not only that, a second version has been released, in which they are playing ground painting and also performing the song. Thus, this is their band performance video!

The melody has a very natural feeling to it and I think the classical guitar has to do with it. It’s a relaxed melody but it contains a small spark that makes you smile without noticing. Not to mention, Chulmin’s powerful yet sweet voice also blends into the melody to fully embrace the feelings of love this song contains.

In fact, the lyrics scream out that they want to be in a relationship with that one girl. That they cannot sleep at night wondering if she knows their feelings, even calling to confess in the middle of the night! The fact that they have written these type of lyrics at their very early 20s is endearing.

What are your thoughts on this young band and their latest comeback?

HONEYST First Comeback


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  1. riseok December 1, 2017

    they are so talented?

    1. Mary December 1, 2017

      I know right? They are so young yet so talented!

  2. Lidia Toledo December 2, 2017

    FNC should promote them TT

  3. fnp December 2, 2017

    they’re so cute haha

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