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Hoya (호야) Releases “Angel” Music Video

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On March 14th Hoya (호야) released the music video for his newest single track “Angel”.

The release of both this song and this music video have been heavily anticipated. And we can see why! Every second of the music video is high quality and wonderfully presented. Although the scenes are kept simple, shot in a large open spaced building, it is not to the detriment of the video. In fact, it seems to allow more focus on both the song and the choreography.

The beginning of the video is strong, with a black and white scene. The music begins immediately, slow yet powerful. Quickly the choreography comes into play and it’s so incredible. Eventually, color is thrown back onto your screen, in perfect timing with the music and the dancing. The color throughout the entire video is also kept to a darker range, dark blues, pinks, and greys, to be exact.

In addition to the video starting off with a bang, so does the song. In the beginning, Hoya describes a woman with smudged lipstick and tousled hair before claiming her to be his “Angel”. And while the song itself may be a more sensual song, Hoya definitely keeps it classy and beautiful. The song is honestly an amazing slow jam that will be on our playlists forever.

As the sensual music continues, the choreography does as well. Accenting the tone and lyrics of the song with each move. While accommodating the song very well, the choreography is also gorgeous. The moves become so intricate in some parts, that you know they have to take some kind of superpower to perform. Superpowers which Hoya, as well as the rest of the dancers throughout the video, seem to have perfected in the most jaw-dropping manner. This video is certainly one to watch!

Have you watched the video yet? If not you can check it out here! But don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

Hoya Angel MV


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