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Hyolyn (효린) Drops Sexy Music Video For Single “달리 (Dally) (Feat.GRAY)”

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It’s gonna get a little ?hot? in here.

Hyloyn gave fans a new single and music video for “달리 (Dally) (Feat.GRAY)” on April 23rd from her SET UP TIME #2. This marks her second single released under her label, Brid3, after releasing “내일할래(To Do List)” almost three months ago. And the two tracks couldn’t be more different.

Dally” has a seductive club feel; the beat easily hypes up the listener, while the vocals and slower tempo give it that sexy tone. Hyolyn has some phenomenal vocals, and we know her range is out of this world, but she really plays her lower register to her advantage by keeping it low and a little raspy to really get that sexy aura across. This woman is so good at using just her voice to get the listener to feel whatever emotion she’s trying to express, which is seen in both “Dally” and “To Do List.”

GRAY also comes through with the perfect rap verse to hype the listener even more. This collab was a fantastic match.

The music video is a whole other ball game, people. Hyolyn is out here looking fierce, dancing like she was born doing it, surrounded by equally as stunning backup dancers. The choreography is captivating and has an air of intensity as the girls constantly hit the floor only to come back up and then hit the floor again. And they make it look so easy!

The outfits fit Hyloyn’s style so well; the Adidas body suites and knee-high boots; the Calvin Klein sports bras and cut off booty shorts; they all look like the goddess they are. All in all, from the song to the music video, Hyloyn blew it out of the water with this one.

Check out the video below and make sure to show Hyloyn some love and support for her new single!

Hyolyn Dally MV


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  1. Javiera Rojas Villalobos April 25, 2018

    Hyolyn is so talented, she sings and dances really genial

  2. Mardhiah Omar April 25, 2018

    OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!! oh my god I’m so happy to see Hyolyn performing again! I’ve always loved Sistar, and my heart breaks when I learned about their disbandment. I rarely stan girl group because i hardly found the one that suits my preference. But 2NE1, Sistar and 4MINUTE are my top favorite so it’s truly hard for me when they disband. I want to see the members active again even though separately, on their own.. I love you Hyolyn!! You’re my dancing queen! <3

  3. nicole angelica April 25, 2018

    you nailed it hyolyn

  4. wintersnow April 26, 2018


  5. Maya95 April 26, 2018

    I’m happy to see her doing whatever she wants. Go our Queen!

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