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Hyolyn (효린) Releases First Single Since Leaving Starship Entertainment

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Former SISTAR member, Hyolyn, has released a new song and music video, “To Do List.” The song is similar to SISTAR’s last single in 2017, “Lonely,” with the same acoustic instrumentals and soothing vocals. Since forming her own label Brid3, Hyolyn has been incorporating more of her natural talents to her music, including writing and composing. This new-found freedom enables Hyolyn to produce the music she truly wants to create.

Throughout the song, an emotional Hyolyn can be seen practicing and working hard to accomplish her dreams. She can be seen dancing in her iconic high heels, singing in the recording studio, and taking the time to take fabulous photos.

The lyrics are heartbreaking, with Hyolyn describing her exhaustion and missing, who others can suspect, are the other SISTAR members. It’s apparent that the disbandment of the seven-year girl group took an emotional toll on all the members, but regardless they will live in infamy as one of the best.

What do you think of Hyolyn’s latest single? Make sure to watch it below and let us know what you think!

Hyolyn To Do List


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