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Hyuna (현아) Licks Her Lips And Shakes Her Hips In Latest Release

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As usual, the star soloist and queen of sexy, Hyuna (현아), is back and showing off her bodacious hips and luscious lips in her latest single, “Lip and Hip.” If you’re in the need of a song to get you hyped in the morning, look no further than this vibrant song to bring out your inner dancing diva.

In comparison to her last hit, “BABE,” (베베) which showcased a more mature and natural side of Hyuna (현아), she dives back to her flirtatious ways and even shows off her improving vocal range! Besides the catchy and singable chorus, Hyuna(현아) showcased her lower range, something many fans haven’t seen since her Wonder Girls day in 2008.

The music video is fun, vibrant, and full of sexual innuendos that make the video both inappropriate and comical. It seems Hyuna (현아) is fully embracing her sexy side and doesn’t care who disapproves of her behavior. The music video is definitely racy, especially for a K-pop female star.

Most notable is when Hyuna rides on the back of one her dancers as if showing to all her haters that she dominates and is a strong female in charge of herself and her body. In the end of the video, though, she can be seen wearing a more conservative outfit, carrying a scraggly backpack, and large white sneakers. One could interpret this as the inner sexy side many Korean women and women across the world hide because of societies restrictions and judgments of sexually free women.

If you haven’t watched Hyuna’s (현아) latest bop, make sure to watch it below! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

hyuna lips hips music video



  1. Emia Ester Kembaren December 5, 2017

    My queen slayed. ??

  2. Stan talent, stan Monsta X December 6, 2017

    It’s such a bop omg

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