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Breaking: Cube Entertainment To Remove E’Dawn And HyunA

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Update September 13, 2018:

Cube Entertainment released an official statement stepping back from their earlier stance by stating that the removal of E’Dawn and HyunA is still pending discussion.  They want to get the artists’ opinions and talk to them before making final decisions.  The comments hint towards awareness of the reaction that fans had to the artists finding out (reportedly) through social media.

Original Article:

Unfortunate news hit the shelves on September 13, 2018.

Cube Entertainment released an official statement that HyunA and E’Dawn would be removed from the company (and for E’Dawn, PENTAGON as well).  The statement expands on the removal stating that they value trust and faith and they felt that they couldn’t trust the two artists, nor could that trust be rebuilt over time.  They thanked the artists for their contributions and time.

The news follows E’Dawn’s hiatus from PENTAGON and HyunA and his dating reveal.  The dating reveal came without discussions with Cube Entertainment.

Further reports have been released stating that the two artists learned about their removal from the company through articles rather than discussions with the company directly.   Nothing has been confirmed yet.

HyunA Edawn Cube Removal


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