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I say “I Luv It” in PSY’s latest video (Music Video Review)

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PSY is one of those artists that constantly make it onto my playlist.  From the moment someone showed me the “Gangnam Style” music video when it went viral to now, he’s been a constant on every single playlist I have!  His latest track, “I Luv It” is definitely going to make it on that list with the rest!

“I Luv It” is just one of the new music videos from his 8th album, 4 X 2 =8.


I’m not going to lie, I listened to “I Luv It” about 10 times before actually being able to stop dancing long enough to write the review, and 10 might be cutting it a bit shy.

“I Luv It” is peppy, fun, and everything you could possibly want in a music video!  It’s got an amazing beat, hilarious lyrics that really make you stop and think, and as a whole, it’s got the ‘it’ factor that just makes it the perfect dance song.  Realistically, I could see myself attempting to dance to this while getting ready for work in the morning; my eyeliner wouldn’t thank me, but at least I’d enjoy myself.


One thing that you can always rely on PSY for is large dance groups.  No matter what, it seems like each of his videos have large groups dancing, and it’s just so much fun to watch. The dance for “I Luv It” is fun, peppy, and something that fans could probably learn and dance along with!

This video features so many unique locations and quite a few surprise people!  One notable is the PPAP guy, Kazuhiko Kosaka!  The video jumps back and forth between different, amazing looking sets, and even have some guys doing parkour outside!

From the outfits to the locations, there was no expense spared on this video!  Both the dancers and PSY going through a ton of outfit changes throughout, and each one is unique and fun.

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