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Cosmic Girls Kpop Monsta X Shows

ICYMI: Watch the concert for Great Ocean featuring Cosmic Girls and Monsta X

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Not to long ago, Monsta X and Cosmic Girls (WJSN) both worked on sound tracks for a mobile game called The Great Ocean.  This MMORPG game had a ton of hype, and each member filmed a small clip advertising it.  If you missed the commercials, check out the Monsta X and Cosmic Girl versions.

Gugudan is the first to perform, starting out with “Wonderland”.  They are followed by WJSN, who look absolutely adorable in their pleated skirts!  Monsta X performs third, starting off their set with “Fighter”.  They also do a impromptu beatboxing version of their commercial song!  The concert closes out with a beautiful performance by Davichi.

Check out the Mobile Game ‘태양’ Concert below!

If you haven’t seen the groups original soundtracks, check out Cosmic Girl’s  and Monsta X’s here.


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