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iKON Is Coming To Town With 2nd Album ‘Return’

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Update January 23, 2018:

iKON released quite a few new things since our last update!  The first teasers features all the boys looking stunning in a group photo for their upcoming album, Return.  They followed that up with teaser videos for their upcoming track “Love Scenario”.

iKON Return 2018

Update January 15, 2018:

iKON dropped their entire track list!

The album will contain 12 tracks in total.  Leader B.I participated in the writing, producing, and/or composition of each of the tracks.  The title track, as seen below, is “Love Scenario”.  Along with the title will be 7 additional new tracks and 4 Korean versions of their Japanese songs.  Track 3, “One and Only” is the solo track from Show me The Money 3 that B.I performed.

Check out their track list below and stay tuned!

iKON Return 2018

UPDATE January 13, 2018

YG Entertainment dropped a teaser revealing the name of the group’s title track “Love Scenario” or 사랑을했다.

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for more

iKON Return 2018

Original Article:

iKON sets the date for the release of their second album, Return.

The group will be returning as the first YG Entertainment comeback of 2018!  Yang Hyun Suk listened to fans requests and will work hard to promote the group in Korea this year.

YG Entertainment released a teaser image including the album name and the comeback date.  The original release of the image included tags like “First up for TG in 2018”.

The track list will be released tomorrow!

Check out their teaser below and stay tuned!

iKON Return 2018

iKON Return 2018


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  1. hwijin_21 January 13, 2018

    GO B.I GO B.I GO!!!!! ?

  2. zoonrise January 20, 2018


  3. Katielilac January 23, 2018

    I can’t wait

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