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iKON is preparing for their comeback!

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iKon is a boy group formed in 2015 by YG entertainment and has seven members.  Based on a statement from YG Entertainment on March 15, 2017, the boys are in the beginning stages of their comeback preparations.  They will be releasing two title songs and music videos with their comeback too!  The album will contain songs written and produced by the members.

All we know right now about their dates is that they will be shortly after WINNER releases their comeback.

Official Statements:

“The iKON will enter the new music video shoot today, and I will prepare a comeback for my own double title song.”

Source: Here!

In the time since their last comeback, they’ve been focusing on their Japanese release and concerts, as well as, some domestic activities.  With all their stage experience, once they release this new album, they are going to have to some amazing shows!



  1. Yana March 15, 2017


  2. KZ March 15, 2017

    Yehey! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. I miss u boys <3

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