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iKON Returns With An Incredible New Music Video For “Killing Me”

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Update August 20, 2018:

iKON released the performance version of their latest music video “Killing Me”.  Watch it below.

Update August 6, 2018:

iKON take fans behind the scenes of their latest music video for “KIlling Me”.

The boys walk fans through the making of the song, the styling, and the video filming in the clip.  Watch it below.

Update August 4, 2018:

iKON may have amazed in their music video for “Killing Me”, but they didn’t stop there!  Almost immediately, the group dropped the dance practice for their sleek new track.  Watch it below.

Original Article:

iKON has returned! The group dropped their latest album New Kids : Continue featuring the title track “Killing Me“.

iKON’s new album, featuring heavy contribution from the members, finishes off their New Kids trilogy (New Kids : Begin and New Kids : Return).

B.I co-produced and wrote the lyrics for “Killing Me”.  The track itself is very different than prior releases from the group, with sad lyrics, but an energetic beat drop and melodic flow.

The music box style and piano combination mix with the beat as the boys show off their dance moves; emphasized by their rapping and singing skills.

Watch iKON’s incredible return with “Killing Me” in the music video below.

ikon killing me mv


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