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iKON “Returns” With New Music Video “Love Scenario”

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iKON has “returned” with an incredible new music video “Love Scenario“!

On January 5th, 2018 the group released their newest music video “Love Scenario”. In addition to the new track iKON also released a new album! The new album “Return” features twelve awesome new songs.

The second you hit “play” on the video, the music begins. The first thought I had about this song is, “oh this is cute, I like it.” The song was an immediate a bop for sure. While the song is certainly on the upbeat side, it’s just slow enough to be relaxing as well. A song we can all sing and dance along to. Not to mention the killer vocals throughout the song, as well as rap parts that are super laid back and honestly just a lot of fun to listen to. This song is undoubtedly going to top a lot of fans’ favorites lists.

In addition to the replay worthy song, the music video itself is also really enjoyable! The video begins with the playing of an old film reel and moves into a storefront area where the members gather to sing and dance. As the group begins to dance we can see that the choreography is, much like the song, pretty fun and laid back. (Well, it appears to be, we all know those dances are so much harder than they look). The dance fits extremely well with the tone and beat of the song. It’s also extremely pleasing to the eye. Throughout the video, we also get some really cute solo shots and close-ups that just add to the quality of the music video.

Overall the video is a lot of fun to watch, the song is really catchy and entertaining to listen to, and the boys look amazing (obviously). 10/10 would 100% recommend! If you haven’t checked it out you can watch below, but don’t forget to tell us your thoughts!

iKON Love Scenario


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  1. Katielilac January 25, 2018


  2. Jenny Yu January 26, 2018

    I love the music video!!!

  3. Jenny Yu January 26, 2018

    This is really good!!!!

  4. Joyce January 26, 2018

    the song is really nice!

  5. Thestya January 26, 2018

    Finally! I love the song, music video, and IKON! ❤

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