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iKON steals win after win in Heroes of Remix

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Heroes of Remix is a Chinese dancing and singing reality competition that first aired back on June 19, 2016.  The show is hosted by Li Hao and includes the expert mentoring of Psy, Leehom Wang, Harlem Yu, and Phoenix Legend.

In this series, performers take an existing song and, under the guidance of their mentors, create an EDM style version of it.  At the end of each episode, the audience would vote for a winner.

iKON were under the mentorship of Psy, who was is well known globally for his hit song, “Gangnam Style”.  They performed the following songs; “Beijing Beijing”, “A Better Tomorrow”(奔向未来的日子), “Rhythm Ta”/”Master Zhou” (周大侠), “Friend”, “Honey”/”Billie Jean” , “Love is Very Simple”(爱很简单), “Kiss Goodbye”, and “Exist”(存在).

They took home wins for “Beijing Beijing”,  “Rhythm Ta”/”Master Zhou” (周大侠), and  “Honey”/”Billie Jean”, as well as runner up for  “Kiss Goodbye”.

If you haven’t seen VIXX’s performances or Monsta X’s performances, check here and here.


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