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IMFACT Wins Hearts With Brand New Video Teaser!

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Update August 16, 2018:

We are catching up with all of the wonderful new teasers!  First, we have the full set of teaser videos for each member.

Update August 9, 2018:

Fall in love with the first video teaser featuring Jeup for IMFACT’s upcoming return!  Watch it below.

The videos were followed up with gorgeous new teaser images showing off their more mature look for their digital single “Nanana”, which they performed at KCON LA 2018!

https://onestopkpop.com/kcon-la-2018-diamond/vhttps://onestopkpop.com/kcon-la-2018-diamond/https://onestopkpop.com/kcon-la-2018-diamond/https://onestopkpop.com/kcon-la-2018-diamond/Original Article:

IMFACT is returning with a brand new digital single!

The group dropped their first wave of teasers for the upcoming single, “Nanana”, set to release on August 16, 2018!  The schedule release on August 8, 2018, shows that the first wave of teasers was only the beginning, with teasers for the individual members in video form set to release up until the actual reveal date of the music video.

Check out the first wave of gorgeous teasers and their release schedule below.


imfactThe group recently released their last single “The Light“.

imfact nanana teasers


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