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IMFACT releases casual version of “Tension Up” dance practice

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IMFACT’s “Tension Up” is definitely one of my favorite songs from them.  It’s so energetic and peppy, it’s perfect.  Their personalities are perfect for this sort of song!  Recently, they released a dance practice version of “Tension Up“, where they were all matching in more formal clothing.  Now, we get a casual version with the boys in their everyday street wear.  They dress better than I do!  They look far more comfortable dancing in the casual outfits.

Stay tuned because later in the month, we should see new teasers for the next IMFACTORY project song and video!


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  1. JB April 10, 2017

    Your website is really amazing and I love it! IMFACT dresses more stylish than me ? I need tips man ? Keep doing what you’re doing ?❤

    1. Much appreciated! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

      They really are super stylish. I wish they’d give lessons…

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