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IMFACTORY is back for April!

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IMFACT’s year long project, IMFACTORY, means that we get one lovely comeback from them per month. Previously, the boys got all lovey-dovey with with “Please By My Love“.

Tension Up Imfactory 3

The first video teaser is released on March 24, 2017, followed by a brigade of group concept photos on March 29, March 30, and March 21, 2017.  The music video teaser will be available on April 3, 2017 followed by the behind the scenes photos the next day.  The big release of the music video for their latest comeback will be on April 5, 2017!
imfactory imfact release scheduleimfactory imfact release schedule

This teaser video is absolutely adorable.  They’re so playful and dorky as they sneak up on one of the members to torment him, then especially when they’re chasing after the lovely lady that passes them on skates!

Be sure to check it out below!

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