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IMFACT’s “Tension Up” is full of playful energy (Music Video Review)

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IMFACT just released their 3rd installment of the IMFACTORY project, and it certainly won’t disappoint.  “Tension Up”.  This track is so playful and cute, it’s almost too much!

Their previous installment was “Please be my love“.


“Tension Up” is one of those songs that sneaks up on you.  While it starts out energetic from the get-go, it’s one of those songs that will quickly get stuck in your head for hours.

That’s not a bad thing by any means.

The song is full of cheerful beats, horns, and a wonderful mixing of vocals and raps.  One of my favorite parts was actually all of the rap portions.  I never realized how wonderful they were!  The rappers in this group are wonderful at getting that raspy quality to their voice, and while it doesn’t seem like it would fit in with a playful song like this, it works extremely well.  The vocals are sweet and cheerful as well.

I loved the use of “one two step” as part of the hook.  It’s really cute, and I’ll admit this song is a lot better than the original “One Two Step”!  That usually led into dancing sections for the video, which were just as good.

This is definitely a group to keep an eye on if they keep coming out with gold like this!


This video is a gigantic 80’s-90’s flashback.  With all of the bright neon colors in the background, the skating rink, and the overly bright colors, I felt like I was back at my 8th birthday party.

Not that I’m trying to age myself or anything.

I love that they weren’t afraid to try something like this and bring back a different style.

The entire video has a ‘boy next door’ feel, especially since it takes place in a skating rink.  It screams cute, playful, but most of all, dorky as all hell.  The boys torment each other throughout the video, which is super cute.

I really hope we get a dance only version of this because that dance was pretty lit.  It was energetic and in sync, and showed of how wonderful they were at dancing.  I’ve not seen to much on their dancing previously, so it was a pleasant surprise.  Especially when they started dancing under blacklight.

Don’t miss their group images, a first set of individual teaser images, and close up individual shots.


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