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INFINITE’s Sunggyu Releases Teasers For Solo Comeback

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Update February 24, 2018:

If the music video teasers weren’t enough to get your excited for Sunggyu’s upcoming album, the album preview certainly will.

Check it out below!

Update February 23, 2018:

Sunggyu dropped the long version of the music video teaser for “True Love”.  Check it out below!

Update February 22, 2018:

Sunggyu released the lovely track list for his first album, 10 Stories.  The 10 track list lives up to its name sake, with 10 ‘stories’.

Check out the track list below!

Sunggyu 10 Stories

Update February 21, 2018:

Along with the teasers below, Sunggyo released a short teaser video for the upcoming solo album, 10 Stories.

Check out the video below.

Update February 21, 2018:

More teasers of Sunggyu have been released for his upcoming solo comeback! Take a peek at them below!

Sunggyu 10 Stories Sunggyu 10 Stories Sunggyu 10 Stories Sunggyu 10 Stories Sunggyu 10 Stories

Update February 20, 2018:

The next teaser for Sunggyu’s upcoming solo album has been released!  Check it out below!

Sunggyu 10 Stories

Original Article:

INFINITE’s Sunggyu is preparing to release his next solo album!

The singer released a teaser clip singing his new song and announcing the release date, while his new teaser introduces the album name with a stunning teaser image.

The new album, 10 Stories is set to release on February 26, 2018.

Check out both the video and teaser image below!  Subscribe for updates.

Sunggyu 10 Stories

Sunggyu 10 Stories


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  1. For Lovelyz February 19, 2018

    YAS Sunggyu cb!!! Looks like he’ll be working with Nell again, another bop like Kontrol and The Answer?

  2. xtinachengx February 19, 2018


  3. Maria Valenzuela February 20, 2018

    he’s so cute!!

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