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INX members are so romantic in “2Gether” (Music Video Review)

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INX shows off their romantic side in their latest title track, “2Gether”. This comeback has been a long time coming and it’s definitely worth the wait!  If you missed some of the teasers leading up to the release, be sure to check them out.


These boys just go straight for the jugular with how sweet this song is.  The entire song is about the boys being fond of a girl and trying to show her how fond they are while she just shrugs them off and doesn’t return their feelings.  As it progresses, she slowly starts to return their feelings and realizes that they’re better together.  It’s totally cheesy, completely and totally, but it’s beyond cute at the same time.

The song is exceptionally well done, with a catchy beat that fits well with the romantic feel of the song.  The lyrics, vocals, and raps work well together, with no one thing standing out as out of place.

Probably the best part is when the beat picks up and they start the hook “2Gether”, since it’s the hype portion of the song that will definitely get you up and moving.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate what adorable boyfriends these guys make in this video?  The little things they do are just too cute for words.

The video has a very domestic feeling, with duet scenes between the guys and their beautiful lady.  Each one shows them present in her life and interacting with her in some way without her returning the affection.  As the song progresses, she starts to notice when they aren’t there anymore and seeks them out, only to start to fall in love and join them.  it’s beyond adorable.

The dancing cuts slide in the middle of these scenes fit well with the look and feel of the video, since they aren’t doing super harsh movements, but instead flowing with the feel of the song.



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  1. Caitlyn Gomez April 4, 2017

    Daebak! Yey! INX 2GETHER AWW

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