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INX plays against each other on Pops in Seoul

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INX was recently featured in an episode of Pops in Seoul for a Pick & Talk. Recently, INX made their comeback with “2Gether“, and definitely showed off their romantic side.  In this episode of Pops in Seoul, the boys compete against each other in multiple mini games with hilarious results.

The first challenge is probably one of the most challenging, with the boys having to guess a song based on just a second or so of it playing.  Win did what many of us consider, just guessing until you get it right.  The second challenge was very, well, sad, but what more can you expect from a tissues throwing contest!  The highlight of that portion is a live performance of a piece of “2Gether”.

The third challenge ended quite quickly, but who can resist a high note challenge!  Poor Bonkuk definitely got short changed in his prize.  The episode ends with a chicken game fight where they practically destroy the set hopping around. In the end, the loser had to carry around the winners as they made their opening statements.


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