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IU Releases The Dance Practice For “BBIBBI”

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Update November 6, 2018:

IU released the dance practice for her latest track “BBIBBI”!  Watch it below.

Update October 9, 2018:

IU released the album cover for her upcoming track “BBIBBI”.  Check it out below.

iu-bbibbiUpdate October 8, 2018:

IU released a sneak peek of her upcoming music video for her single ‘BBIBBI”. Watch it below.

Update October 7, 2018:

IU released four new teasers for her upcoming single “BBIBBI”.  Check them out below.

iu-bbibbi4iu-bbibbi4iu-bbibbi4Original Article:

IU is making her return soon!

The solo artists released an announcement on October 1, 2018 about her upcoming digital single “Beeper”. The track’s teaser features an old-school beeper (which many people probably weren’t around for), and a phone sitting on a table.

The track is set to release on October 10, 2018.

IU Beeper TeasersIU Beeper Teasers

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