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IZ*ONE Drops Beautiful New Dance Practice For “La Vie En Rose”

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Update November 3, 2018:

IZ*ONE released the new dance practice for “La Vie En Rose”! This track took the K-Pop world by storm, achieving the most amount of views for a K-Pop debut within the first 24 hours.  Watch it below.

Update October 29, 2018:

IZ*ONE’s new music video is here!  The group released their stunning debut music video “La Vie En Rose” featuring a stunning red theme.

Check out the music video for “La Vie En Rose” below.

Update October 29, 2018:

IZ*ONE released another group teaser!  Check it out below.

IZONE-2Update October 28, 2018:

IZ*ONE released another teaser and music video teaser for “La Vie End Rose”.  Check out the teasers below.


Update October 26, 2018:

IZ*ONE’s release is about 3 days away and they released the video teaser for “La Vie En Rose”!  Watch it below.

Update October 25, 2018:

IZ*ONE released a colorful preview highlight medley for their first mini album, COLOR*IZ! Take a listen below.

Update October 23, 2018:

IZ*ONE released the track list for their debut mini album, COLOR*IZ.  The title track looks to be “La Vie En Rose”!  There will be 8 tracks in total, with the 8th being a CD only version.  Check out their track list below.

izone-track-listUpdate October 21, 2018:

IZ*ONE released another set of individual teasers for Jang Won Young, Jo Yu Ri, and Miyawaki Sakura.  Check out the teasers below.

Jo-Yu-RiMiyawaki-SakuraJang-Won-YoungUpdate October 19, 2018:

IZ*ONE revealed Ahn Yujin, Yabuki Naki, and Choi Yena’s teasers!  Check them out below.

iz-oneiz-oneiz-oneUpdate October 18, 2018:

IZ*ONE released teasers for Honda Hitomi, Kang Hyewon, Kwon Eunbi!  Check them out below.

izoneizoneUpdate October 17, 2018:

Check out the latest set of concept teasers!

izone-2018izone-2018Update October 16, 2018:

IZ*ONE released another gorgeous set of teaser images!  Check them out below.

izone-officializone-officializone-officializone-officializone-officializone-officializone-officialOriginal Article:

IZONE will be making their debut this month!

The lovely ladies will be releasing their debut album, titled COLORIZ, on October 29, 2018. To star, they released the first gorgeous batch of teasers featuring all of the girls with their cute grins.

Check out the teasers below and stay tuned.

izone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone-coloriz-teasersizone coloriz teasers


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