Jackson to take a break until March 19th, 2017

Jackson Got7 Flight Log Arrival Teaser 1

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Jackson of Got7 will, thankfully, be taking time to rest after reportedly getting sick at their recent fanmeet/promotional event.  He was missing from the VLive countdown for the release of “Never Ever” and will not be taking part in any events until March 19, 2017.

The official statement from JYP Entertainment reads:

Hello, this is JYP.

We are letting you know that Jackson will not be participating in any schedules until the 19th.

As we let you know in the previous announcement, the hospital diagnosis did not find anything wrong with him, but he will be resting and focusing on recovering. If there are extra schedule changes, we will let you know in a future announcement.

We apologize for worrying many fans, and we will do our best so Jackson can come back to fans healthily.

Thank you.

We are all wishing him a speedy recovering and lots of rest!  They’ve been working themselves to the bone to prepare for this comeback!

Check out their music video for “Never Ever” here.


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