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JBJ goes all out on their “Fantasy” relay dance on M2

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JBJ, otherwise known as Just Be Joyful, recently made their debut with the insanely catchy track, “Fantasy“.  Now, with the suits and classy looking clothing, one would expect that the group would have a serious demeanor.

Not quite.

This group of lovable dorks perform one quirky move after another!  They do dance to their new track, but you’ll find yourself laughing along as they do killer ad libs to each other’s parts.  Plus, the amount of dancing, among other strange things, going on tin the background will have you rolling.

Not to mention the fact that one of the lovely members, no names mentioned here, is so much taller than the others, so they’re practically invisible behind him!

Check out JBJ’s “Fantasy” relay dance below!

JBJ Fantasy Relay Dance


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