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JBJ95 Drop Dance Practice For Their Debut Track “HOME”

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Update November 6, 2018:

JBJ95 dropped their dance practice for their debut track “HOME”.  Check it out below.

Update November 5, 2018:

JBJ95’s Kenta and Sanggyun swap parts for almost half of their relay dance for “HOME”.  Check out their antics below.

Update October 30, 2018:

JBJ95 released their first mini album, Home featuring the title track of the same name!  The duo is back for fans to enjoy, and they’re definitely happy about that!  Fans have missed these two since the disbandment of JBJ.

Check out the sweet track “Home” by JBJ95 featuring Kim Sanggyun and Kenta below.

Update October 28, 2018:

JBJ95 released another music video teaser for “Home”!  Watch the clip below.

Update October 27, 2018:

JBJ95 released the first music video teaser for their debut track “Home”.  Watch the adorable duo below!

Update Update October 26, 2018:

JBJ95 released the highlight medley for their first mini album, Home! Check it out below.

Update October 22, 2018:

JBJ95 released the track list for their upcoming debut mini album.  Check out the track list below and stay tuned for the release on October 30, 2018.

jbj95-track-listUpdate October 18, 2018:

JBJ95 released another handsome set of teaser images!  Check it out below.

jbj95-homejbj95-homeUpdate October 17, 2018:

JBJ95’s Sanggyun and Kenta look incredible in the first wave of teasers for their upcoming debut with Home!.  Check out the teasers below.

jbj95-homejbj95-homeUpdate October 14, 2018:

JBJ95’s Kenta and Sanggyun revealed the time table for their upcoming debut with Home!  The mini album is out on October 30, 2018, so get ready!

Check out the time table below.

jbj95-homeOriginal Article:

JBJ fans from all around, Kenta and Kim Sanggyun will be making their debut as JBJ95 in just a short while!

Star Road Entertainment released a statement confirming the permanent duo’s upcoming debut together in the last week of October.  The duet actually picked the name JBJ95 based on fan submissions. They said that “95” is from their birth years and “JBJ” ties them to their original roots.

The group will be making their debut later this month, so stay tuned for more!

jbj95 debut


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