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Jeong Sewoon Drops Musical Preview Of Upcoming Return With ‘Another’

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Update July 21, 2018:

Jeong Sewoon dropped the musical preview of his upcoming return with Another.  Check out the video below.

Update July 18, 2018:

Sewoon released another teaser featuring his ’20 Favorite Things’ for his upcoming return.  Check it out below.

Update July 17, 2018:

Jeong Sewoon revealed the track list for his upcoming return with Another.  The title track of his upcoming album is “20 Something” and was written by Jeong Sewoon and Brother Su.  Check out the track list below.

jeong-sewoon-trackUpdate July 16, 2018:

Sewoon released the answer for his second sudoku teaser!  The solution for the new teaser is “Something”, which hints that the title track might include both the words “Twenty” and “Something”.

Check out the solution below.

somethingUpdate July 15, 2018:

Jeong Sewoon released the solution to his first puzzle along with a second puzzle teaser!  The original puzzle spelled out JWS Twenty, which hints that “Twenty” will be the title track.

Check out the solution and the new puzzle below.

solutionAnotherUpdate July 14, 2018:

Along with a stunning new teaser image, Jeong Sewoon challenges fans with a new puzzle!   The new teaser puzzle is a sudoku style challenge detailing his title track.  Check out both teasers below.

Jeong-Sewoon-puzzlejeong-sewoon4Update July 12, 2018:

The first photo teaser for Jeong Sewoon’s comeback has been released!

Jeong-Sewoon2Update July 11, 2018:

Jeong Sewoon releases the scheduler for his upcoming return on July 23, 2018 with Another.  Take a look at the adorable scheduler below.

sewoonOriginal Article:

Jeong Sewoon released teasers and the album details for his upcoming album!

His new album, Another, is set to release on July 23, 2018!  Along with his teaser announcement, he also released the album details or the two new versions of his album release.

Check out the details below!

Jeong Sewoon Another Teasers 


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