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JJCC show off their supernatural skills on their music video for “At First”

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On March 23, 2014, JJCC released their debut single, “At First”.   The 7 member group, consisting of E.Co, Eddy, Yul, Zica, SimBa, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak (who has since went inactive and doesn’t participate with the group), are definitely visuals with some serious skills..  They’re the first K-Pop idol group formed by Jackie Chan, and their name, pronounced ‘double JC’, stands for Jackie Chan Joint Culture.

The group’s debut track, “At First” is a smooth mix of rap and vocals with a smooth, sexy groove, which follows the style of the music video.  The slower shots of the members feature slow paced dance moves, individual shots, and close ups all mixed with the video’s underlying tone of them having supernatural powers.

Check it out below!


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