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Join Got7 as they answer some hilarious questions on Ask in a Box

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Got7 is one of those groups that’s always full of energy.  It doesn’t matter what clip you watch, they’re always laughing at each other for something or just acting plain crazy, but it’s a lovable crazy.  This episode of Ask in a Box is no different.

The video starts off clarifying that Youngjae only attempts to eat microphones because he wants to see how big his mouth is.  Considering the other members tried and failed, his feat is quite impressive.  They also clarify that Jinyoung chokes them and glares at them out of affection, in some strange, twisted way.

They then move on to who Jinyoung would expect to date his sister, where he broke them down by percentages.  Mark got a 70% because he goes home early, but he lost 30% due to his quiet nature.  Youngjae ranked at a 60% because he would probably practice vocals in front of her.  JB ranked at a 60% as well just due to his ‘chic’ nature.  BamBam started at a 30% but was bumped to a 60% because the two would end up shopping.  Although, they all agreed that the likelihood of him buying things for himself was extremely high.  Jackson only got a 50% because he’s a bit too popular.  Poor Yugyeom got a 30% just because he would probably constantly say ‘your brother is shorter than I am’.

All of that is just in the first few minutes!  Watch this episode of Ask in a Box featuring the amazing boys of Got7 to see more of their answers


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