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Join Powerhouse As A Kave Dweller For Fan Kave 2018!

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Powerhouse announced an amazing opportunity for fans all over.

The company is currently preparing for their 10th anniversary and they are trying out something new.  Their new project, Fan Kave, will help fans and Powerhouse interact and the fans that are selected will be able to join in on 2018 concert tours as social media staff just like normal Powerhouse staff!

Exciting right?

What Is the Position?

For this position, you will serve to help pr and marketing on social media, assist with backstage setup, preparations of fan events, and other activities.

The position is not full time.  Payment is based on a per-show or per-day basis and will be distributed at the end of the event (mutual agreement necessary).  Those that behave improper, may be subject to re-evaluation.


There are a few stipulations for getting this position. First and foremost, you must be at least 21 years old.  You must be willing to take the position serious and have an active social media presence.  You must also be eligible for work in the U.S. and Canada.


Powerhouse will pay for domestic air, hotel, ground , and meals during the duration.

How to apply?

Submit a resume, social media link, and paragraph on why you want to join (or video), to host@powerhouse-live.net.

NOTE Interaction with artists during tour is prohibited unless permitted by all parties.

Good luck to everyone!

Powerhouse Fan Kwave


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