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Jun. K Returns With Heartbreaking Music Video For ““이사하는 날”

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Jun. K, main vocalist for 2PM, is back with his second EP, 77-1X3-00. His return to the K-pop music scene means smooth vocal tracks by the incredibly talented Jun. K, particularly from his title song, “이사하는 날.”

In the music video, Jun. K sings about moving into a new home after leaving the old apartment him and his past love shared. As the moving men come and take apart the home, the leading man is remembering past memories of lovemaking, meal sharing, playing cards, etc. that he shared with his former girlfriend. The man is left heartbroken and haunted by flashbacks of her, but he decides to move on, while Jun. K can be seen at the end of the video also leaving the room.

Realistically, this music video can be interpreted in two ways! In a literal sense, this song could simply be the man’s moving day, but it could also be interpreted as when the girl left the man was forced to “move” away all the past memories of her and forget traces of her left. The music video is definitely a more conservative approach for Jun. K, especially in comparison to his last music video, “Think About You,” from his first EP, Mr. No. Instead of showing off his vocals AND strong visuals, Jun. K focuses more on the deep lyrics and his velvety voice in his latest release. It’s a mature change for the talented artist, and it led to the creation of not only a great new, complex music video but also a well-structured EP.

Have you watched Jun. K’s latest music video? Watch “이사하는 날” below and leave us a comment letting us know what you think!

Jun.k 이사하는 날 music video

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