JYP Entertainment Announces Official Disbandment Of Miss A (미쓰에이)

Miss A Disbandment

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Miss A (미쓰에이) was a 4 member girl group that rocked the K-Pop world starting in 2010.  The group stayed under JYP Entertainment for the duration of their time together, but Jia and Min left the group in May of 2016 and November of 2017 respectively.

Given that there were only two members left, Fei and Suzy, it left the company with the option of expanding the group once again and finding people, continuing with a two member group, or disbanding the group.

Unfortunately, it seems as though we’ve met the end of Miss A.

JYP Entertainment confirmed that the group is no more.

We’ve had 7, almost 8, wonderful years with these magical ladies, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.


Miss A Disbandment


  1. We all kind of knew honestly, it was just a matter of getting an official statement :\ Miss A was my first ever kpop group, so they hold a special place in my heart. I wish them all the best, thank you for all the amazing and empowering songs!

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