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K.A.R.D Kpop

K.A.R.D is getting ready to release a new song “Rumor”

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K.A.R.D is preparing to release their 3rd project song, “Rumor”.  This group is under DSP Media and hasn’t actually had their full debut yet, but they’ve been growing steadily in popularity.  The coed group has released 5 teasers so far, with one being a group teaser and the rest being individual teasers.

The group teaser is far more serious than some of their other teasers, with blue text and a black and white photograph.  The four members look amazing with orange and black in their individual teasers as well.

kard-rumor-jseph-teaserkard-rumor-jseph-teaser kard-rumor-jiwoo-teaser kard-rumor-bm-teaser kard-rumor-somin-teaser


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