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K.A.R.D releases the “Rumor” hidden version with Z.SUN

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K.A.R.D recently released “Rumor” as the third installment to their pre-debut project, which was a catchy song with a very latin feel.  They’ve now released a hidden dance version of the video where they take to the shipping yard and dance atop storage containers in a large group featuring Z.Sun.

This is supposedly the last hidden project, according to the hashtags on the video itself, so hopefully we’ll see Jiwoo, J.Seph, Somin, and B.M.

For those unaware, their ‘hidden’ items are a included in variations of the song but aren’t actually part of the group.  Their first hidden variant was Heo Young-Ji who participated in “Oh NaNa”.  The second hidden was a fully english version of “Don’t Recall”, followed by this featuring of Z.Sun for “Rumor”.


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  1. Ajhyoseob May 1, 2017

    KARD ?? i like this ver more…

  2. Julianna May 1, 2017

    such talented people i cant wait until they debut <3

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