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K.A.R.D takes us behind the scenes for the filming of “Rumor”

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K.A.R.D just released their third project, “Rumor” , which was made in collaboration with LG to be optimized for LG’s G6 smartphones. The song is catchy and unique, featuring the best of both worlds with the co-ed group.  They also just released their ‘making of’ behind the scenes footage for “Rumor”, which highlights the filming process, as well as their relationships.

I saw a note a while back where the group said that they could never look at one another in a romantic light, and you can definitely see that in their interactions here.  They seem like wonderful friends, with their teasing and play fighting.  It actually reminded me a lot of sibling interactions.  As they were filming, there were quite a few instances where they just started laughing and goofing off.

They’ve not officially made their debut yet, but supposedly they still have a hidden version to release before they make their official debut, which we are all definitely looking forward to.

If you haven’t checked out their latest music video for “Rumor“, be sure to!  The video is filmed vertically, which seems a bit odd, but it was designed for the LG G6 phones.


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