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K.Will reveals photo and video teasers for ‘Nonfiction’

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K.Will has revealed teasers for his upcoming 4th album, Nonfiction!

The album is due to release on September 26, 2017, but until then we can enjoy these teasers!  The photos has a brooding feel, with him looking suave and solemn.

K.Will Nonfiction K.Will Nonfiction Teasers

We also have two 30 second ‘prologue’ clips!  The first video features him walking into a white room and smiling at the camera. The second clip features him staring off longingly in the same room before looking at the camera.

UPDATE: The third clip from K.Will is here!

UPDATE: K.Will has revealed his highlight medley for the upcoming album.  The album features 7 tracks ranging from ballad to peppy.

Check it out below

K.Will Nonfiction Teasers

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