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Kanto (칸토) Drops “Salty (시큰둥)” Music Video!

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On May 15, 2018 rapper Kanto (칸토) released the music video for his newest track “Salty (시큰둥)”!

After appearing on the Unit, Kanto is back with a new track and music video. Right off the bat fans are able to tell that this video is going to be awesome. The appearance of the large mannequin and the crazy background edits make that very clear. The music video, overall, is extremely eye-catching, with its trendy concept and bright backdrops. Not to mention all of the funky edits to the video. These include the text “Salty” and “Kanto” being displayed blatantly across the screen over several scenes of the video. (As well as a head-enlarging effect which was both really funny and perfectly timed to the music). The video features Kanto rapping to a girl in a variety of capacities. Including a TV ad and even inside a box, which he had given her.

In addition to the unique sets, there is also a good amount of dancing throughout this video. The choreography to the track has an especially energetic feeling to it. Especially towards the end where everyone seems to let loose and just dance to have fun. It gave a huge boost to the exciting vibe the video gives off already.

Even with the funky video, the main point of it is still the track itself. This track overall is extremely catchy and very well done. Kanto is truly a talented rapper with a good sense of flow and the ability to perform intensely without overdoing it. The artist is also able to tone it down in a way that then does not become underwhelming, these are extremely important characteristics when discussing the quality of the song. And quality this track is. Overall I think the music video has a wonderful concept, it’s fun and eye-catching, and the track itself is a total hit.

Have you had a chance to check it out yet? If you haven’t, you can watch the video below. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Kanto Salty MV


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