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Katie Releases First Single “Remember” with Incredible Music Video

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On June 6th breakthrough artist Katie released her first single “Remember”.

If you don’t know Katie yet, she was the winner of season 4 of Kpop Star. Upon winning she was signed with YG, later joining AXIS, a company formed by former YG creative director SINIXTY. Now, with her new label, she has released her first single “Remember” along with a stunning music video for the track.

The track alone is very well done and Katie’s vocals on the track are incredible. She is able to show a large range of her vocal ability without overwhelming the song. Her voice at all points throughout the song is outstanding and almost guarantees that the song will get stuck in your head before the music video even ends. This track is genuinely outstanding as well.  Overall the feel of the track is low-key dark. It is an entirely unique experience listening to it.

The accompanying music video is its own unique experience. The visuals are entirely something new and outstanding. A theme of shadows and melted gold make the video compelling, almost hypnotic to watch. Not to mention the giant cube she performs most of the song on, which at one point is filled with a handful of other well-known rappers. While the music video has these gorgeous scenes and hypnotic visuals, it does not feel overdone or like it’s too much. It is truly a well balanced, beautiful video which pairs with the track perfectly.

Overall Katie’s first single is extremely well done, and highly impressive. It will be exciting to see what she does next, as her second single is rumored to be dropped in August with an album release later on.

Have you had a chance to watch Katie’s new music video? What did you think?

Katie Remember MV


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