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KBS launches huge program to give idols who never quite made it another chance

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Every year, there are idols and idol groups that just fly under the radar for one reason or another.  The amount of groups that go unnoticed or have a small fanbase is astounding.

Enter KBS.

KBS is planning on launching a gigantic project that will cost approximately 7 billion KRW (6.2 million USD) to give these idols a second change.  The title that’s currently being tossed around for the series is “The Final 99 Match”.

For this even, they will be recruiting a total of 500 idols, 250 male and 250 female, that have already made their debut, but didn’t perform well as a whole.  They will not be taking any trainees, just seasoned idols.  The end result of the show will be two 9 member teams, a male team and a female team.

As of now, many fans feel that 500 will be too much since there won’t be enough screen time for everyone.

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