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KCON LA 2017 Day 2 and Day 3 concerts won our hearts

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Day 0 – Arrival

OSKP made sure to get there a day early due to all the horror stories online about the lineup and getting tickets, but it wasn’t as bad as expected!  Finding the right line (P1!) took a bit, but once we did, it was smooth sailing and slow shuffling until we reached the front.

We ended up meeting quite a few different people, all from outside California, and heard more about their experience at various concerts and their bias groups!

When we got our cards, it was an immediate rush outside.  We traded off some of the groups, but OSKP made sure that the GOT7 Hi-Touch we somehow ended up getting never left it’s protective pouch!

Overall, it was amazing to see how many people gathered early for the event, especially since the concerts didn’t start for another 2 days.  There were people milling about all over the place making friends and trading.

With our cards in hand, we returned to our hotel to prepare ourselves for the rush of the next day

Day 1 – Convention

While the convention was a bit smaller than expected, it was well organized. With shops in the back, sponsors in the front, and the fabulous facial care and beauty bar off to the side; it was easy to find your way around.

We visited some of the booths to see what all the lines and fuss were and definitely can see the appeal in the freebies and the cool things they were advertising.

I, personally, spent way too much time (and probably a bit too much money) getting everything I ever wanted at The Face Shop.

Face masks…

For days…

Probably the best part of the day was being able to watch people learn the dances under the guidance of Eddie (The First Bite).  We watched a couple different lessons and in each one, dancers and non-dancers gave it their all to learn their favorite songs and perform as well as an idol!

Eddie and crew also put on a surprise performance of Black Pink’s “As If It’s Your Last”, which was incredible!  It was even more impressive knowing that one of the dancers had never danced with them before.

Day 2 – Concert

Can we just say that SF9 absolutely killed it?  Because they did.  I expected a lot from them, especially being a fan of their tracks, but from the moment they entered the stage, it was just incredible!  From one great segment to the next, Cosmic Girls did an amazing job as well, followed by the beautiful ladies of Girl’s Day!

Seventeen, as expected, was energetic and playful, with beautiful tracks and choreography, followed by VIXX (who had all the Starlights swooning).

The other half of OSKP was absolutely loving Super Junior D&E’s performance and the confidence they had on stage.

Cosmic Girl’s did a fun cover of BTS “I Need U”, which was so well done that you’d almost think it was their song!

Day 3 – Concert

We unfortunately didn’t too much of the convention the on the third day since we spent a ton of time in lines.  We had hit a few of the audience events on the day before, most notably SF9, Cosmic Girls, and VIXX, but we had a busy day for Day 3!

I was the only person in my group to score a hi-touch with GOT7, so we lined up pretty early for that.  It was an interesting experience, and the crowd was a bit rowdy, but the hi-touch area wasn’t bad at all and it was great to be able to actually see them!

The struggles for the vertically challenged…

For my first hi-touch, I don’t think I could’ve had a better group than GOT7!  The guys were energetic and enthusiastic, and of course, BamBam insisted on dabbing.

From there, we popped back in line for ASTRO, who are so comfortable with the audience and smooth and easy on stage, it’s no wonder they have a ton of KCON fans!

The concert was as incredible as the previous day, with all of the groups giving it their all to put on an incredible show for fans.

KARD had us sing Happy Birthday for Somin, which had her tearing up, but that wasn’t the only set of tears!  When we all lit up our phones and lightsticks for Heize, she was fighting back the tears.  Despite the crying, both put on incredible performances.

Probably the most amusing thing of the concert, and one that made its way around social media, would be Jackson, and crews, proposals.  The boys were all full of cheesy lines, but I think the entire audience lost it the moment Jackson exclaimed “You’re taller than me”!


We loved KCON this year.  The performances were wonderful, the people were delightful, and we had a chance to meet so many diverse people from all over who banded together for a common love!

See ya’ll at KCON LA 2018!

While we didn’t mention all the performances, we did include the footage in the videos.


KCON LA 2017

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