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KCON LA Special Cover Post – Vixx “Error”

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VIXX released their official music video for “Error” back on October 13, 2014, and the dark theme that went with the clip was perfect for the month of Halloween.

In honor of their huge turnout at KCON LA, and there really is a huge turn out for them, we wanted to do a special cover post for this track!  As far as KCON goes, VIXX rivals GOT7 and Seventeen for the most requested High Touch tickets and fans everywhere are getting their tickets and holding on to them for dear life!

As stated, VIXX released their music video for “Error” back in October of 2014, and they were one of the first and most memorable group to go for a darker theme.

The music video will have your head spinning with how emotional it is.  From the excellent acting and crying scenes that will have you tearing up, to the eventual end that will have you bawling, their dedication and skills shine through.

The cyborg theme was a new one for them, since they had done VooDoo, Vampire, and others before.  In this video, a man changes himself into a cyborg with only his broken heart left while he tries to recreate the love of his life.  When deemed that her existence is illegal, he fights to spend what time he can with her and they decide together to stay with each other until their last moment.

The music video paired with the song are emotional and impactful.  The powerful vocals throughout the track and the incredible raps are memorable and will stick with you after the fact, even if you aren’t familiar with the song.

Check it out below and be prepared to fall in love!


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