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Kim Chung Ha drops the track list for ‘Hands On Me’

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Kim Chung Ha is preparing to make her solo debut with Hands On Me.  She recently released her first teaser image, and now she’s dropped her track list.

The album, Hands On Me, will feature 5 songs in total, with “Why Don’t You Know” as the title track.

Stay tuned for her official debut on June 7, 2017.

UDPATE: She’s dropped another teaser!  This time around the purple tinted photo features the lovely lady laying casually on a bed and looking up at hte camera.

Check it out below!


UPDATE 2: She’s officially dropped the first video teaser for “Why Don’t You Know”.  The teaser is visually appealing, with a cute dreamcatcher and Chung Ha dancing about!

Check it out below!

UPDATE 3: Kim Chung Ha has released the highlight medley for ‘Hands on Me’!  Each track grabs your attention immediately, the variety of different styles is impressive.

Check it out below!

UPDATE 4: Kim Chung Ha released a second teaser for “Why Don’t You Know?” with the singer dancing in a vintage style robe amongst other dancers and a grassy field.

Check it out below!

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