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Kim Heechul assures fans he’s alright after minor car accident

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul was in a minor car accident as he made his way to shoot for JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything”.  The incident was rather small, and while his manager remained on site, Kim Heechul continued on with his stylist to start filming.

The official statement from SM Entertainment said; ““As the accident was minor, Kim Heechul insisted that he was fine and that he would participate in the filming as scheduled, which is why he left early to make his way to set.”  They followed up by saying he would be visiting the hospital for a check up after the filming completed.

Heechul wanted to make sure fans knew he was alright after the news broke, so he took to Instagram and posted a fun little photo with the caption;

“안전벨트 꼭 매세요. 저도 그래서 안다쳤습니다? 매니저가 사이버 포뮬러급으로 순간대처를 잘해서 큰 사고는 피했습니다?? 바로 회사와 <아는 형님> 쪽에 얘기했더니 절대 무리하지 말라고, 당장 병원 가라고 걱정해주셨지만.. 저의 입방정이…. “내가 없으면 누가 개드립 침?” 그래서 촬영 잘 마치고 나왔습니다? 내새끼들도 너무 걱정하지말고? 다시 한번 말씀 드리지만 안전벨트 꼭 매세요!!??”

Basically, he said that his manager was quick to react and seatbelts were what saved him any trouble!  He assured fans he was alright and urged them to wear seatbelts.  He continued on by saying that everyone on set was worried, but he joked about it and continued filming.

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