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Kpop XENO-T (Topp Dogg)

Kim Sang Gyun rocks blonde hair for Gioami Korea

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Topp Dogg’s A-Tom, more commonly known as Kim Sang Gyun and for his participation of Produce 101 Season 2, recently posed for Gioami Korea!    With a serious of classy and casual pictures, Sang Gyun rocks his new hair style and well deserved confidence.

Part of the release is also about his time on Produce 101 and his friend ship.  He states that “I enjoyed watching the first season, and I thought it was an opportunity that I could not miss. I strongly appealed to the company.”

He also went on to state that he had a close friendship with the MMO trainees and based on other things that have come out since Season 2’s end, he made quite a few friends during his time on the show!

Check out his photos from the magazine shoot below!

produce-101-atom-kim-sanggyun-gioami-topp-dogg-5 produce-101-atom-kim-sanggyun-gioami-topp-dogg-4 produce-101-atom-kim-sanggyun-gioami-topp-dogg-3 produce-101-atom-kim-sanggyun-gioami-topp-dogg-2 produce-101-atom-kim-sanggyun-gioami-topp-dogg-1


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