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Kim Sungkyu (김성규) Returns With New “True Love” MV and 1st Full-Length Album

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Sungkyu of Infinite has returned with an all-new jam you’ll want to add to your “summer day drive” playlist.

His new music video, “True Love,” is beautiful and creates a feeling of yearning as you watch Sungkyu walking around the city streets after putting a mysterious letter into his jacket pocket. The letter reappears at the end, being opened and read by Sungkyu before being dropped out of his hands. Everything about the video is so simple, yet still manages to bring emotion to the viewer, as it did me.

The lyrics for “True Love” tell of someone who feels deeply and completely in love with a close friend of theirs. The speaker expresses these words as if they’re finally confessing these hidden emotions to this friend. The melody of the song is very light and fits well with the story behind the lyrics. It could easily be a staple summer track.

This track is featured on Sungkyu’s first full-length album ’10 Stories’ containing 10 songs in total.

Check out the MV below and be sure to support Sungkyu’s comeback by streaming the track and new album!

Kim Sungkyu True Love MV


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