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KNK and Up10TION were added KCON 2017 NY lineup

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KCON has just released two more artists for the 2017 New York lineup!  KNK and Up10TION will be joining the ranks alongside Twice, Highlight, SF9, GFRIEND, and CNBLUE.

UP10TION is a relatively large group, with 10 members, that’s been around since 2015.  They’ve been working hard to continue to improve their international popularity and KCON is the perfect venue for that!  They’re supposedly aiming for a comeback soon.

KNK is a 5 member group that debuted in 2016.  They’ve released 2 mini albums so far!

Tickets go on sale starting on May 12, 2017 for combination concert tickets and May 15 for single night concert tickets.  Please check here for more information and pricing guides.


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